I’m going to hack your tumblr …because I can. 

I just want to say—or write that.. you mean so lumping much to me . Like I told you last night , I may be bad at expressing myself but I do feel so much for you. You make me so happy , you make me feel like a little girl on Christmas eve just exciting to open her gifts. You make me look forward to each and every day with you , but every time I’m with you it’s special. You’re just amazing , I know for the fact I’m not going to find anyone like you . You’re hard to search for , so I will cherish and appreciate you because I really find you a true blessing . Wow , I sound so fudging cheesy. I’m going to cut this short because you keep looking at me , and I think I’m making it obvious.

just know that….yo te quiero un monton.

November 6th 2012 · 2 notes
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