Finally a #selfie 😎
Ready for today 💪
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Couple of days ago with my one true #love ❤️#girlfriend #movies #mygirlfriendisbetterthanyours
The light that shines in my darkness ❤️ #sweet15 #girlfriend #hope
My #WCW ❤️
I love my girlfriend ❤️ #mygirlfriendisbetterthanyours #whyusojelly #loveisintheair
My homies 😎#swag
People often don’t appreciate what they have until they lose it. But I don’t. I adore every single moment that I pass together with this amazing woman. Every day that I spend with her is valuable to me cause money, fancy things or anything in life doesn’t compare to you. You understand me, see me for who I really am and still be here to love me. To hug me when I’m sad, to hold my hand when I’m nervous.To hold me when I’m falling, to pick up the pieces when I’m broken.To cheer me on when I’m doing right and to tell me when in wrong. And all I want Is that this never ends cause it’s everything to me. And with out her I wouldn’t be the same. Te amo mi novia hermosa, gracias por todo ❤ #love
Morning #4thofjuly breakfast ^_^